In light of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the ongoing challenges faced by students and their families, the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) wants to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to making our schools safe and welcoming spaces for all.

WRDSB’s primary focus remains on creating inclusive environments where students feel safe, respected, and positive about being in school. This is a part of WRDSB’s commitment to creating a system where everyone, regardless of their background, feels heard through respectful interactions and where their human rights are upheld. We all benefit when everyone’s human rights are recognized and protected.

Supporting WRDSB Student and Staff Well-being

Our top priority is the mental health and well-being of WRDSB staff and students, many of whom, along with their families, are experiencing pain, grief, anger, and fear. Together, we will continue to use a trauma-informed and responsive approach to create compassionate school communities that support all staff, students and families.

Additional information about student mental health and well-being supports are available on the WRDSB website.

I want to reiterate our commitment to all the students we serve – that they are able to show up and be their most authentic selves, in safe environments so that they can learn, be and do their very best.

jeewan chanicka
Director of Education